Medical Legal Expert

What is medical expertise?

Medical expertise is that which relates Medicine and Law and is fundamental in Health Law.

The specialist is a medical expert, who with knowledge of both branches is capable of evaluating and giving a verdict on the state of health of a person who has suffered physical or psychological damage.
The expert has a great responsibility when analyzing any case to analyze the information, understand it and reason it, and thus be able to issue an impartial and forceful Medical Expertise.
Evaluations by a medical expert are fundamental to the time to proceed among others in the following aspects:

  • Compensation for accidents
  • Work disabilities

Dr. Victoria Baldo Jaraba

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (see degree) and member of the Illustrious College of Physicians of the Balearic Islands with number 070703566.
Diploma in Assessment of Body Injury and Judicial Forensic Medicine by the Cardenal Herrera University.
Master in Medicine and Occupational Health.
Member of ANPEJUCI (National Association of Certified Judicial Experts).
Member of SEVDC (Spanish Society for the Assessment of Bodily Damage).
Medical Legal Expert.
Languages: Fluent English.

Intervention areas

Issuance of expert medical reports for the medical-legal assessment of bodily harm, evaluating and reporting the injuries, consequences, damages or disabilities that a specific person has suffered after an accident, whether traffic, work, domestic, civil liability, contingency changes.

Issue of expert medical reports for the granting of permanent work disability, whether partial, total, absolute or major disability.
Advice to lawyers.

Attendance at trial as a medical expert and ratification of reports before the Courts of Justice.

What are the steps we will follow?

  1. Request for review of the case.
  2. Study of the claim, the background and possible circumstances (temporary or permanent work incapacity, disability, etc.)
  3. Review of possible previous Medical reports
  4. Review of previous medical reports
  5. Carrying out new tests (if necessary)
  6. Preparation of the Expert report
  7. Arbitration or Mediation by the Medical Expert (if appropriate)
  8. Defenseof the Medical Expertise in court.

And what do we offer?

  • Coverage of cases and attendance at trials in the Balearic Islands (prices to be agreed upon).
  • In-person visits.
  • Personalized monitoring of each case.
  • Expert opinion request form with the main data of the case (electronic or paper format).
  • Delivery terms previously set (possibility of extra urgency).